Italyn designed, ethical and sustainable women's clothing label for eco-minded women. 

Are you fed up with fast fashion clothing that falls apart after a couple of wears? Well, it's not just your wallet that suffers, but the planet too! Those clothes are produced in a way that's damaging to the environment. So, it's time to start thinking about the impact our clothes have on the planet and our health.

Big corporations use synthetic fibres for their ranges and these fibres have a huge impact on our environment and your health.  Harmful chemicals are used in their production and they contribute to micro plastic pollution.  The chemicals they omit into your body are unhealthy and can literally make you sick.   

alainbadoual uses natural fibres.  These fabrics last longer, have far less impact on the planet and are much kinder on your body.  We make sure we produce in small batch lots to limit our carbon footprint.

Our dyers use non toxic dyes that are free from heavy metals and they are GOTS certified.  Safe for you and the planet.  

When you buy one of our hand-made treasures we're sure you'll never turn back.  You'll soon find out that if looked after properly our garments become more beautiful after every wear.  

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About our Founder 

Our founder Donna Holmes has been in love with textures and fabrics all her life and learnt how to sew from her mother from a very young age.

She gained a Diploma of Applied Fashion and Design from Fremantle TAFE where she gained heaps of practical skills along the way.   

After numerous trips to the magical island of Bali with her surf-crazed better half, she pursued her dream of establishing a slow fashion label, a label with considered design and sustainability at it's core.

After hard work and persistence, her label alainbadoual came to fruition. 

She now designs the styles in Italy and manufactures in the beautiful island of Bali.


Our ethical and sustainable factory

Our factory values and respects their staff.  Our founder visits the factory several times a year and the staff are like family to us now.  It's really important for us to know 'Who Made Your Clothes' and knowing that workers are respected, paid fairly and their working conditions are fair and transparent is paramount.

Why shop with us?

We'll always do our utmost to make sure you have a seamless shopping experience offering you exceptional customer service, easy returns as well as Free Shipping for all Italyn orders.
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